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Exegete Herb Jahn invested sixteen years of his life toward one quest -- to discover exactly what every word of the Scriptures Manuscripts say. He researched every Word of Scripture -- more than 14,000 words -- word by word -- one word at a time. Jahn says that "Jesus" is a mistranslation of Yah Shua, meaning "Eternal Savior." The name "Jesus" is a mistranslation of the Hebrew Yah (Eternal), followed by the willful mistranslation of the Hellene god, Zeus.

This version is claimed to be the first and only literal translation and transliteration of the New Covenant -- translated directly from the language of our Lord Yah Shua and his apostles (Aramaic). Even the idioms are literally translated and transliterated. Among the two most important words (except the words of Deity) are the two verbs of existence: (1) it vv had, has, have, having; and (2) hewa vv be, become, been, being. Following the text are a number of Word Summaries. These are enlightening in defining the many transliterations.

Included with the book is a CDRom. On it are the following: (1) The Aramaic New Covenant CDRom Book; (2) The Aramaic New Covenant CDRom Interlinear; and (3) the Exegeses Parallel Bible. The CDRom is compatible on Macintosh, DOS, Unix, and Windows.

Exegeses Bibles (1996)

[Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom]

Yah Chanan (John) 1: 1 - 3

In the beginning
the Word having been
and the Word having been unto God
and God having been the Word
he having been, in the beginning, unto God
all through his hand became:
and without him
not even one being whatever became.