CPV - 1968
Cotton Patch Version
Paul's Writings
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This translation was made by Clarence Jordan. It is not only a translation into modern American English but into American ideas. It cuts across the time space barrier, and the scene shifts from a first century Greco-Roman world to twentieth century America where Paul is no longer an aristocratic Pharisee, but a converted Southerner who boldly speaks the mind of Christ on such matters as racism, brotherhood, possessions, church membership and responsibility, the claims of Christ, and personal Christian living. Its plain, hard-hitting language is earthy and sweaty, straight from the cotton fields and city streets.

Association Press (1968)

[Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Canada]

2 Timothy 3:16

Every God-breathed writing is helpful for enlightenment, for guidance, for correction, for instruction in right living, so that God's man may be outfitted and fully equipped for performing any task.