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De Nyew Testament in Gullah
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Gullah, or Sea Island Creole, is a language spoken along the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia. Today, it is recognized as a language distinct from English. It began several hundred years ago when Africans from several nations and language groups were brought to grow rice in marshy low country along the southeastern coasts of the American colonies.

The translation of this version took over twenty-five years to complete. The words were spelled as they appear in the text for Gullah speakers who can read English. Although the King James Version appears alongside the Gullah text, this version is not a translation of the King James Version. It is based on original Greek texts. However, several English Bible versions were used as reference. The aim of the translators was to create a Gullah version that is clear in meaning, is accurate, and is natural in expression.

Association Press (1968)

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John 1: 1 - 3

Fo God mek de wol, de Wod been dey. De Wod been dey wid God, an de Wod been God. Fo God mek de wol, de Wod been dey wid God. Shru dat Wod, God mek ebryting.