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The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha
New Covenant
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The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha (New Covenant), translated by Dr. Philip Goble, is a Hebrew version of the New Testament books. It presents a Messianic account of the life and times of Yehoshua (Jesus) and his disciples with vocabulary that is consistent with present-day Jewish orthodoxy.

This English translation is deliberately literal, word-for-word, even preserving the orginal idioms and verb tenses. The purpose of the literal approach is to preserve the Jewish flavour of the original. The text contains numerous cross-references to other passages of the Hebrew Scriptures. Proper names, many key biblical terms, and actual quotations from the Scriptures remain in Rabbinic Hebrew in the text of the translation; however, they are transliterated, and an extensive glossary at the back of the book enables the non-specialist to understand their meanings.

Nevertheless, this is not a version for the uninformed Gentile reader, as it requires at least a basic knowledge of Jewish history and tradition.

AFI International Publishers (1997)

[Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom]

John 1: 1 - 3

Bereshis (In the Beginning) was the Dvar Hashem [YESHAYAH 55: 11; BERESHIT 1:1], and the Dvar Hashem was agav (along with) Hashem [MISHLE 8:30; 30:4], and the Dvar Hashem was nothing less, by nature, than Elohim! [TEHILLIM 56:11(10); Yn17:5; Rev. 19:13] Bereshis (In the Beginning) this Dvar Hashem was with Hashem [MISHLE 8:30]. All things through him came to be, and without him came to be not one thing which came into being. [TEHILLIM 33:6,9; MISHLE 30:4]