PNC - 1925
The People's New Covenant
New Covenant
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This version was translated from the meta-physical standpoint by Arthur E. Overbury. It is a revision unhampered by so-called ecclesiastical authority and recognizes healing as well as teaching as a component part of true Christianity. The preface sets forth the standpoint of the author on many fundamental questions, which will enable the reader to know somewhat of the author's views in order to rightly judge his work. The explanatory index gives a large amount of valuable information and data helpful to a comprehensive study of the Bible.

The fact that an unmerited and almost undisputed place had been given for centuries to the Authorized or King James Version, the "orthodox" version, by Protestant Christians was the primary reason for the translator's undertaking the task of revision. Another reason was the fact that all versions hitherto published had been colored by a material, hence a false concept of Christianity, which had gained credence in the early centuries and had been perpetuated by orthodox teachers ever since.

Bible scholars are agreed that there are upward to twenty thousand errors in the King James Version. When lay readers become aware of this, it will be acknowledged that mistaken ideas have crept into the translation under the influence of dogmatic orthodoxy, enslaving mankind for ages. When the King James Version was written, the translators had access to only eight manuscripts. At the time that the People's New Covenant was being prepared, there were nearly seven hundred in Greek alone, some being very ancient, and no two wholly alike in wording.

Didion and by Hyatt and Lyon (1925)

[Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas]

John 1: 1 - 3

In the original being the Word, or GOD-Idea existed; and the GOD-Idea existed in the at-one-ment with GOD; and the GOD-Idea was GOD-manifest. The same existed in original being, at-one with GOD. All things came into being in this GOD-conception, and apart from it came not anything into being that came into being.

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