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The idea of producing an abbreviated Bible by condensing the text chapter-by-chapter originated in a graduate psychology class at the University of Houston. The compilers of this version were James Leslie McCary and Mark McElhaney.

There were three goals in preparing this work. The first was to shorten the text sufficiently so that those lacking time or inclination for reading an unabridged version, yet wishing to obtain a workable knowledge of the Bible, might be able to do so. The second was to present the material in language easily understandable to the average layman. The third was to condense the content and simplify the language without omitting or changing any pertinent material.

Each chapter stands alone. It was felt that, although some people do not accept the Apocrypha, it should be included for several reasons. The compilers attempted not to allow any bias toward or against any particular code of religious beliefs. A dozen different translations were read by them in preparing this version, with the American Standard Version and the Revised Standard Version being followed more than any other one. The Hebrew, rather than the Greek, spelling was followed.

Van Nostrand Reinhold (1971)

[Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom]

Genesis 1: 1, 2

Originally God created the cosmos. Then the earth was wasted, empty, and enveloped in darkness. God's Spirit hovered over the waters with Life-generating power.


Wisdom of Solomon 1: 1

JUDGES, LOVE RIGHTEOUSNESS and honestly follow the Lord's teachings. Rebellious thoughts separate one from God, and wisdom will not remain in a malicious mind.


John 1: 1 - 3

The Word existed with God from the beginning, and all things were created through him.