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Miles Coverdale, ordained a priest about 1514, became interested in the works of such men as Erasmus, Luther, and Tyndale. He helped Tyndale in Antwerp in 1529. He translated the Psalms and Ecclesiastes from the Latin works of Campensis and published them in 1534 and 1535, respectively. He may have started his own work on the Bible in 1534.

This Bible is divided into six parts, as was Luther's. The chapters are divided into paragraphs without systemmatic numbering. The notes, comparatively few, concern alternate readings. Marginal cross-references abound. There are over one hundred fifty illustrations.

It was not translated from Hebrew and Greek, but from German and Latin. Coverdale was competent in both of the latter two languages. He trusted five different interpreters, translating from them purely and faithfully, without favor to any sect and subject to correction. These were Jerome, Pagninus, Luther, the translators of the Zurich Bible, and Tyndale.

There is an extensive introduction. The spelling and type are Old English.

Dawson (1975)

[University of Miami Library, Coral Gables, Florida]

Genesis 1: 1, 2

In ye begynnynge God created heauen and earth: ye earth was voyde and emptie, and darcknes was vpon the depe, and ye sprete of God moued vpo the water.


John 1: 1 - 3

In the begynnynge was the worde, and the worde was with God, and God was ye worde. The same was in the begynnynge wt God. All thinges were made by the same, and without the same was made nothinge that was made.