VRGS - 1980
Versified Rendering of the Complete Gospel Story
Four Gospels
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This poetic form of the Four Gospels was written by Warren W. Faw, a retired Canadian farmer, over a period of thirty years. While it is very literal (for poetry) and true to the Gospels, it is not intended for study purposes, but for inspiration and enjoyment.

The poet's aim was to make this rendering as literal as possible within the limitations of rhyme and rhythm. Of necessity, much of it cannot be literal, but in many lines, the exact, or almost exact, wording of the King James Version has been retained as far as possible. This rendering includes every incident, every conversation, and every teaching found in the four Gospel records. Practically nothing is omitted except the genealogy records in Matthew 1: 1-17 and Luke 3: 23-38, which are almost impossible of versification. Where an incident is in two or more Gospels, either the fullest account is used or all accounts are woven together into one complete account, thus giving the reader the benefit of one complete chronological account without the trouble of hunting through all the Gospel records. Very little is added except to fill out a line or verse.

Warren W. Faw (1980)

[Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom]

John 1: 1 - 4

CHRIST, the Living Word, existed
      Ere creation's work began.
He was with God, and He was God
      Through past ages' endless span.

Everything the Word created --
      Nought apart from Him was made,
And in Him the life invested
      Was the Light to men displayed.