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The first English New Testament published and the first from the original Greek was the one translated by William Tindale and published in 1526. It could also be called the martyrs' New Testament because of what happened to those who produced it and many of those who read it during its early days.

Tindales's purpose was to make it possible for the common man and woman to read the Word of God for themselves. From his university days, Tindale had the privilege of studying the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. His goal in life was to be able to give the people the Word of God in English.

This edition modernizes the spelling, capitals, and punctuation for our day. The publisher states thirteen reasons for reprinting Tindale's New Testament.

The modern spelling, punctuation, and introduction are by John Wesley Sawyer. The book was published as a part of the Martyrs Bible Series.

John the Baptist Printing Ministry (1989)

[Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom]

John 1: 1 - 3

In the beginning was that Word, and that Word was with God: and God was that Word. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by it, and without it, was made nothing: that made it.

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