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This section is designed for those interested in examining how a particular topic may have been translated in certain versions of the scriptures. Many passages clearly illustrate the difficulty the translators have in interpreting a word or phrase while other passages show an obvious doctrinal influence in its rendering. Most of the 48 comparative studies listed below are not critical reviews but rather attempts to present what the versions say.

Additions and Omissions in the Synoptic Gospels
The Authenticity of the Second Epistle of Peter
Bishops, Overseers, Presbyters, and Elders
The Burden and the Yoke to Be Removed
Commandments or Clean Robes?
The Criminals on the Crosses
The Deceived Prophet
Did He Recline or Sit at the Passover Meal?
Entering His Rest
The Epistle of James
The Falsifying Scribes
From Eternity or From Ancient Times?
The Fringe on the Borders of a Garment
The Gifts of the Spirit
God So Loved the World
Gods, God, or Judges
Hebrew Poetry in the Bible
The Hebrew Synoptic Gospels
Horses from Egypt and Kue
An Interpretation of Malachi 3: 7-12
The Israelites and Baal-Peor
Jude's Advice About Saving People
Let No Man Judge You
The Letters of Paul
The Lord Is My Shepherd: An Anthology
The Lord's Day in the Book of Revelation
The Minor Prophets
The Miracle at Cana
The Name of Our Heavenly Father
Offering Sacrifices to the He-Goat
Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread
A Reference to the Trinity
Sabbaths and Sundown
Scripture Inspired by God
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9
The Sides of the Court of the Tabernacle
Some Variations in the Book of Acts
The Song of Solomon
The Speech Problem of Moses
The Story of the Adultress
That Which Will Happen Before the End
Those Who Work Iniquity
The Time of Peleg
The Tragedy at Beth-Shemesh
Variations in the Pentateuch
Was Jesus Forsaken by God?
Who Will Mourn?
Words with Heathen Origins in the Scriptures